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The complete system for your transformation by Germanys #1 fitness sensation.

  • Quick results & long-lasting success
  • No diet, no starving, no yo-yo-effect
  • Just 3x20 min/week at home
  • Bonus: Includes complete studio


+++ Your Bikini figure +++

It is not too late! We start together for your bikini figure

Success stories of my #SweatingBeauties

no lazyEva
Die Facebookgruppe motiviert sehr und hilft super bei vielen Fragen, auch ist es schön, wenn man anderen dort helfen kann.
Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass ich in den ersten 12 Wochen 19,5 kg abnehmen werde. Ich habe durch die Videos und Rezepte geschafft meinen Alltag umzustrukturieren.
Ich habe schon immer viel Sport gemacht und hatte dennoch stets Probleme mit meinem Gewicht. Es war der Versuch, schlechte Ernährung mit viel Sport und Bewegung zu kompensieren. Daher machte es mich erst sehr misstrauisch, nur dreimal die Woche 20 Minuten Sport zu machen. Doch als ich bereits in der ersten Woche drei Kilo verlor, ich viel mehr Freizeit hatte, da ich nicht mehr täglich zwei Stunden Sport machte und mich auch gesundheitlich viel besser fühlte, war ich von dem Programm überzeugt. Der Sommer kann in vollen Zügen genossen werden, weil ich mich endlich auch in kurzen Hosen wohl fühle.
Durch deine motivation und deine tollen videos hab auch ich es geschafft was vorher für mich undenkbar war. Mein leben hat sich seit daher verändert... Dein programm ist wirklich empfehlenswert!
Ich bin Selbstbewusster geworden, liebe mein Leben, und der Spiegel ist nicht mehr mein Feind sondern mein Freund
Warum ich mich für das Programm entschieden habe? Damit ich mich endlich in allem wohlfühlen kann. Und ich muss sagen... Es hat funktioniert!
Ich hab das 12 Wochen Programm gemacht [...] und fühl mich großartig und bin super glücklich damit.
Ich bin echt froh darüber, nach einem Jahr erfolglosen und eher frustrierendem Training, den Entschluss gefasst zu haben mir dein Programm zu holen! Es war eine meiner besten Entscheidungen!!! Mir ist jetzt klar geworden was ich die ganze Zeit falsch gemacht habe, nämlich mich auf das Training gestürzt ohne die Ernährung groß zu beachten. Ich bin fassungslos was sich in 3 Monaten, ohne Hunger und sogar mit weniger Training als vorher, sich getan hat!
Ich bin so froh das ich mich für dieses Programm entschieden habe,ich wurde nicht enttäuscht und es hat super viel Spaß gemacht. Ich habe viel über Ernährung gelernt und das eigene Körpergefühl.
Mein Ergebnis von -7,3 Kilo habe ich mit dem Sophia Thiel 12- Wochenprogramm erreicht und bin zurzeit im Jahresprogramm, bei dem ich bisher 2-3 weitere Kilos verloren habe.
Ich bin mit dem Ergebnis super zufrieden und kann sagen, dass ich ein ganz neues Bewusstsein für Ernährung und Sport entwickelt habe.
Ich bin super stolz auf meine Veränderung. Ich liebte die Rezepte und musste eindeutig nicht zu viel Sport machen! Ich konnte lernen mich zu akzeptieren, wie ich bin. Nicht aus Zwang, um meinen Körper wie in einen Katalog aussehen zu lassen. Mit solchen Gedanken konnte ich abschließen und kann jetzt ich selbst sein!

*Results may vary

With me you'll reach your goal!

Your 12-week online program is based on 3 components (accessible 24 weeks & 100+ videos!)

  • easy & effectivetraining

    • Over 12 hours of workout videos to join, in real time
    • Perfect combination of varying exercises including instructions on correct technique and safe execution
    • 2 programs in 1: complete workout-plans and videos for the gym included
  • healthy & cleannutrition

    • Complete nutritional concept with over 250 eat-yourself-slim recipes (including over 70 vegan recipes)
    • With my “BodySystem” you’ll learn all you need to know about food
    • Nutrition guide (ebook) and nutrition videos for all 12 weeks
  • Continuousmotivation

    • I'll show you the way, motivate you each week and accompany you until you get your dream body
    • Including a sexy tummy, slim legs and toned buttocks
    • My FB community will motivate you every day, you’ll get tips, tricks and recipes and share information with your fellow girls

You can do it!

Your dreambody, more energy, wellbeing und self-confidence

  • Tight tush

    Tight tush

    with my intense booty workouts

  • Defined arms

    Defined arms

    sporty & sexy

  • Flat belly

    Flat belly

    shape your waist

  • Beautiful back

    Beautiful back

    lose your muffin top!

  • Lean legs

    Lean legs

    firm & fit

  • Your perfect shape

    Your perfect shape

    wear whatever you like!

*Results may vary


Stop waitingstart today!

My Concept

3 steps to the body you've always wanted

  • Phase 1Weeks 1-4


    You’ll learn all the basics about training & nutrition and kick-start the fat meltdown.
  • Phase 2Weeks 5-8


    Your food is adjusted to your success and the training gets more intensive – and the pounds just keep on dropping.
  • Phase 3Weeks 9-12


    Tone and shape your body and live and enjoy your newly developed fit lifestyle.

Do it for yourself, not for others, and get the best out of yourself!

Achieveyour goalsin no time

  • Lose weight

    I will show you which diet and training is ideal for women to burn fat – for quick and long-lasting results. *

  • Tone your body

    Step by step fitness training to get your dream body: Muscles shapen the body and make it sexy, feminine and beautiful. *

  • Feel sexy

    Shape your legs, flatten your belly, tone your butt and get in stunning shape surprising all your friends *

* Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

My transformation

  • Before

    I was always chubby as a young girl. I was often teased by other kids, and that hurt a lot. I was insecure, my lack of confidence caused me a lot of problems. During puberty, I became increasingly unhappy about my weight. Would I ever get a boyfriend? I tried a whole bunch of diets. But none of them helped me reach my goal, they always ended in eating attacks and yo-yo effects, which meant I always put on weight. It couldn't go on like that, I had to change something – sooner rather than later!
  • My path

    My path
    I started fitness training in December 2012. Over several months, I was intensively busy with training principles and nutrition. During this time, I acquired enormous knowledge and put together my own, optimal concept. What was new: I didn't give up anything, but I still lost weight. From 80 kilograms, I'm back down to 50. Despite the stress of my school-leaving exams, I was able to integrate the training and diet very simply into my everyday life.
  • Today

    Sometimes I can't even believe it myself how much my body has changed. I've learned a lot about myself and I know today that I can achieve everything with a strong will, discipline and persistence. I am super fit, confident and feel that I am properly sexy and feminine. My family and friends give me strength and I regularly share my successes on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I am so grateful for the fantastic feedback and the strength you always give me. And with this new attitude to life have come new goals: Fitness is my life and I want to be an inspiration to young girls and women that they can do exactly the same! And you can do it too – I'll show you the way!

You can do it too!

You can do it too!

*Results may vary

It really is THAT easy! for your dream body

  • Complete 12-week system

    A comprehensive concept integrating training, nutrition & motivation.

  • Simple and easy to understand

    I will lead you step by step through the program with each new set of weekly videos.

  • Minimal effort

    Train just 3 times a week for amazing results.

  • Train when and where you want

    Train everywhere with bodyweight training.

  • No fitness studio needed

    All you need for bodyweight training at home is a gym mat.

  • Your personal coach

    I am always by your side, and we train together.

  • Available everywhere

    On your laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected through your TV.

  • Your recipe books

    With easy-to-make & delicious dishes - also for vegetarians & vegans.

  • Complete nutrition guide

    I’ll share my personal secrets for losing weight & staying slim and fit.

  • Achieving your goals together

    Community motivation through a closed Facebook group.

  • Suitable for all levels.

    Register & start right away. Ideal for beginners and advanced athletes.

  • Accessible for 24 weeks

    Plenty of time to do the program twice – perfect for unplanned breaks!

  • Includes complete studio workouts

    Full flexibility: You can train at home or in the studio at any time.

  • My experience, your success

    All of my expertise in my program offered to you for your dream body.

Every week you'll get 3 new bodyweight videos to use at home & a new nutrition video with easy-to-make and tasty recipes and tips.


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