Slim & fit in 12 weeks! Get your dream body now.

The complete system for your transformation by Germanys #1 fitness sensation.

  • Quick results & long-lasting success
  • No diet, no starving, no yo-yo-effect
  • Just 3x20 min/week at home
  • Bonus: Includes complete studio

What you get

Your 12-week online program is based on 3 components (accessible 24 weeks & 100+ videos!)

  • Easy & effective training

    • 12-week training system with step-by-step instructions
    • Over 12 hours of workout videos to join, in real time
    • Perfect combination of varying exercises including instructions on correct technique and safe execution
  • Healthy + clean nutrition

    • Complete nutritional concept with over 130 eat-yourself-slim recipes (including over 30 vegan recipes)
    • With my “BodySystem” you’ll learn all you need to know about food
    • Nutrition guide (ebook) and nutrition videos for all 12 weeks
  • Continuous motivation

    • I'll show you the way, motivate you each week and accompany you until you get your dream body – including a sexy tummy, slim legs and toned buttocks
    • My FB community will motivate you every day, you’ll get tips, tricks and recipes and share information with your fellow girls

In addition to my complete home workout system, you'll get a complete training program to do in the gym. So, you have all the flexibility you want and can switch between the gym and home workouts at any time.

for only99$

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Achieve your goals in no time

  • Lose weight

    Lose weight
    I will show you which diet and training is ideal for women to burn fat – for quick and long-lasting results. *
  • Tone your body

    Tone your body
    Step by step fitness training to get your dream body: Muscles shapen the body and make it sexy, feminine and beautiful. *
  • Feel sexy

    Feel sexy
    Shape your legs, flatten your belly, tone your butt and get in stunning shape surprising all your friends *

* Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Success stories of my >>Sweating Beauties<< *



I have achieved my goal and I won't stop now. Sophia is a great motivator and she helped me a lot! Thank you!



I feel so much fitter and better now. I haven't reached my goal yet, but I'm on it!



Since I've started the program I feel great! For the first time I'm feeling comfortable and not embarrassed at all when wearing a bikini. But i want more - now I'll start to build muscles.



Following the program got easier and easier as i saw the pounds dropping and started to see nutrition in a completely new light. Now it has become my everyday life and i am so thankful that my friend convinced me to start.



I am really happy I started the program. It was the best decision i have made in a long time. I didn't think losing weight could be that easy and delicious. I never - and i really mean "never" - had to starve. I'm looking forward to the future!

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

»Do it for yourself, not for others, and get the best out of yourself!«

My concept: 3 steps to the body you've always wanted



    Weeks 1-4

    You’ll learn all the basics about training & nutrition and kick-start the fat meltdown.
  • Reshape


    Weeks 5-8

    Your food is adjusted to your success and the training gets more intensive – and the pounds just keep on dropping.
  • Feel-Good


    Weeks 9-12

    Tone and shape your body and live and enjoy your newly developed fit lifestyle.

My transformation

  • Before

    I was always chubby as a young girl. I was often teased by other kids, and that hurt a lot. I was insecure, my lack of confidence caused me a lot of problems. During puberty, I became increasingly unhappy about my weight. Would I ever get a boyfriend? I tried a whole bunch of diets. But none of them helped me reach my goal, they always ended in eating attacks and yo-yo effects, which meant I always put on weight. It couldn't go on like that, I had to change something – sooner rather than later!
  • My path

    My path
    I started fitness training in December 2012. Over several months, I was intensively busy with training principles and nutrition. During this time, I acquired enormous knowledge and put together my own, optimal concept. What was new: I didn't give up anything, but I still lost weight. From 80 kilograms, I'm back down to 50. Despite the stress of my school-leaving exams, I was able to integrate the training and diet very simply into my everyday life.
  • Today

    Sometimes I can't even believe it myself how much my body has changed. I've learned a lot about myself and I know today that I can achieve everything with a strong will, discipline and persistence. I am super fit, confident and feel that I am properly sexy and feminine. My family and friends give me strength and I regularly share my successes on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I am so grateful for the fantastic feedback and the strength you always give me. And with this new attitude to life have come new goals: Fitness is my life and I want to be an inspiration to young girls and women that they can do exactly the same! And you can do it too – I'll show you the way!

* Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

It really is THAT easy!

Every week you'll get 3 new bodyweight videos to use at home & a new nutrition video with easy-to-make and tasty recipes and tips.

  • Complete 12-week system

    A comprehensive concept integrating training, nutrition & motivation.

  • Simple and easy to understand

    I will lead you step by step through the program with each new set of weekly videos.

  • Minimal effort

    Train just 3 times a week for amazing results.

  • Train when and where you want

    Train everywhere with bodyweight training: at home, in the hotel, on the beach – wherever.

  • No fitness studio needed

    All you need for bodyweight training at home is a gym mat.

  • Your personal coach

    I am always by your side, and we train together.

  • Available everywhere

    On your laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected through your TV.

  • Your recipe books

    With easy-to-make & delicious dishes - also for vegetarians & vegans.

  • Complete nutrition guide

    I’ll share my personal secrets for losing weight & staying slim and fit.

  • My experience, your success

    All of my expertise in my program offered to you for your dream body.

  • Achieving your goals together

    Community motivation through a closed Facebook group.

  • Suitable for all levels.

    Register & start right away. Ideal for beginners and advanced athletes.

  • Accessible for 24 weeks

    Plenty of time to do the program twice – perfect for unplanned breaks!

  • Bonus: Includes complete studio workouts

    Full flexibility: You can train at home or in the studio at any time.

for only99$

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